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USER - Crob23

Iím 18 and made my first successful option trade, but then lost it last Friday with some others and thought why not try this premium. I subbed when they gave a discount, $25 a month is nothing when you can make well over that with their calls. Loved the class Danny, keep it up

USER - KingsHighwayRider

You guys are one the VERY few people who I hear talking about a trading plan when teaching; people teach about fundamentals, technicals, strategies, and all kinds of stuff, and although this information is pertinent it seems like the foundational underpinning of what makes a ...successful trader just simply gets overlooked. It sure does feel like I'm in the right place I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your class. The class was well structured and very easy to follow along. Nobody else is providing this kind of education. Thank you for taking time away from your families to help us, at no extra cost. Excellent!!!!!

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USER - carra

Thank you Danny , for this alert. I got in a day late and still made profits. You are a great help, not only with alerts and your team but also with the education and classes. Thanks for everything.

USER - lordNC

I am new to all of this, and I was complicit on joining here. But it was worth it 100%. I have made my money back. And I am ready to keep my subscription. The community here is very helpfully and also gives you lots of confidence. When I joined the Q A,, I heard what they are all about and that they are here to teach you. Danny I would like to thank you as well, for making it affordable for new people to join the discord. Hopefully in some time I will join VIP to learn much more. As well, I would like to thank the analysts for helping with all of my question mostly on how to read alerts . And also thank you to everyone in the team. I can't wait to see what is next!

USER - juice

I am not bright, but Danny sure does make it a whole lot easier to understand the basics. I am a small fish just practicing the small stuff first before dipping in fully. VIP classes are helpful and Danny does a good job answering all the questions. I mainly look at pennystocks since I am new. So far I am only up 15$ due to making small bets, but starting tomorrow I will get in on the bigger alerts. VIP worth it? Every dollar.

USER - Greenman86

I'm new here just over a week and let me just say, this community is the truth. Im not getting anything from The Greenroom for saying this so this is all on my own. This community focuses on not just alerts but they want you to learn also. It's your hard earned money so we must all do our own DD. After just a week im already up on my portfolio. Also, the education section is full of GOLD and furthermore, the members here are A++. Everyone is family... thanks to @the green room. I feel confident in 2021 and beyond. These guys know their stuff and i trust them.

USER - Adam10

In two weeks Iíve turned money I wouldíve spent on a Friday night pizza into a wealth of knowledge and incite. I am completely satisfied with the content I have received this far and am anxiously looking forward to the future of what I can learn and earn with The Green Room

User - wilson1

Cool class Danny. Keep up the good work. This is a great place to help individuals really grasp the basics. If that is you, sign up, get in class. See you guys there! Danny remains calm and drills basics from all angles to keep individuals on the same page.

USER - pureperfection88

I saw a post in the comments section on webull about this discord. I was pretty skeptical about this at first, but figured I would try 1 month to see if it was worth it. In 3 days I have already covered my subscription cost. I decided to upgrade to VIP to take advantage of the classes and insider trades. The staff has been very polite and helpful as well. I have really enjoyed being here.

USER - Trizz72

Most helpful class to date tonight. I am less worried about playing a spread now that I have a visual of how someone is doing it. Thanks Danny! I always look forward to hearing what you have to say.

USER - Trizz72

That class tonight was worth itís weight in gold. I feel like I can face the market head on in a new light and understanding. Looking forward to sharing future profits from my new knowledge! Thank you Danny!

USER - insideout337

DannyTGR's classes are helpful for me learning about new ways to trade with Bull Put Credit Spreads and Bear Call Credit Spreads. Been to two of his classes so far and he answers questions in depth. Thx Danny TGR and discord.

USER - The_Yoyo

Just finished my first month here at TGR. I signed up for VIP completely new to trading stocks. I didnt have as much capital as others to invest but after 1 month I made about 300 bucks in profit so far and that basically only having about 1500 average invested in the account for the month of feb. Hoping I get my options enabled soon on my account to full take advantage of all the information here. Danny and the rest of the TGR crew have been amazing resources

USER - ladydragn

Awesome group. I have learned a lot. There are lots of educational channels, videos and live classes. There are several different styles of trading tips which help you learn the different aspects of trading. The group of people here are very helpful and not stodgy. I definitely recommend the VIP level membership.

USER - Michealb

Thank you for the leap information. I love following the calls given but appreciate even more understanding the science behind them so i can make my own calls. Thank you.

USER - Big daddy

I'm going to give an honest review not because I have to but because I want to. When I joined 2 weeks ago I was skeptical of paying the price for the premium but when I had the opportunity to try this group out for one dollar I had to try it. All I can say is im soooooo glad I did. I made $900 on my first trade with this group. Thank you

USER - Riddlerthis911

I joined a month ago and the only mistake I have made is not following all the plays. These guys start a lot of trades and get out usually pretty quickly but have a great hit rate. Great source for trace ideas as well. My watch list is way longer now and I spend way less time waiting for positions to come back.

USER - Frank (iM BoomHeadshot)

I want to thank all of the analysts here, but specifically, Danny and Trendhero. Your calls are great and fit my style of trading. I would highly recommend this service, not only because they have great alerts, but because The Green Room has made me a better trader in looking for my own plays. I increased my account by 46% ($2500) this week alone. ??

USER - Eggroll212

Been in quite a few discords with trading. Some not as good as this. The traders interact, do their work, explain everything, and pretty much spell out everything for people like me who have less than a year of experience trading. Glad to be here to make money and go on this wild journey of trading. money_mouth

USER- Deeleeryous

Finally dipped my toe in and the first play made over 100%, prompting me to just go ahead and upgrade to VIP role. Really impressed with the level of chat on this server and the overall positive vibe towards us noobies

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