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Powerful Strategies and Real-Time Trade Alerts.

The Green Room Team is unlike any other.
We have 50+ years of combined market and trading experience.
We share our actual trading ideas and alerts in real-time.
Like you, we have our own money at risk and because we provide instant trade alerts and ideas, you can watch on a smart phone or tablet for high probable setups, even if you work full-time.
Not only do we provide you with real-time alerts, our educational course work will guide you in the right path to create a profitable and consistent income trading the stock market.

For decades we have envisioned a world where traders can manage their own finances and live life on their personal terms. We recognize that life is brief and if we want to have the economic freedom that the majority of us are seeking for we need to take action right now.
That is why we created The Green Room.
The only place where you will learn what works from successful traders.
We will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals.
With our strategies and alerts you will gain that extra edge you need to be successful.

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What we provide

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Stock Alerts

We let you know when to enter and exit a trade!

Cyprtocurrency Alerts

New to crypto and don't know which of the 10,000+ listed cryptocurrencies to buy? We got you! Alerts for cryptocurrency trading are also available!

Live Classes

How to Trade with Experts. The ultimate best online educational platform for trading, with pure educational content. You can get all the help required, may it be educational, technical, or psychological.

Economy News

We Keep You Updated With the Current Affairs Related To Economy Climate

Community of Traders

Over 6,000 like-minded individuals that love trading, stocks, cryptocurrency, and more.

Learn how to make 10K+ a month using my methods and shortcut.

Danny's Secret Shortcut to Success!

How to trade stocks and options like a pro using my simple and effective TPS trading strategy

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WHY TGRalerts?

Here at the Green Room, we are proud of not only the astounding results that we have given to our members but also the exceptional community of traders and the knowledge that we through classes have transmitted to our members.

options alerts

Options Alerts

We offer you Options Day Trades, Options Swing Trades, Penny Stock Swings, and more.


Investing Education

We are incredibly proud of the different education forms that we offer to our members. We offer Basic and Advanced Options, Trading Strategies, Recorder and Live Classes, etc.


Economic News

The economic weather can not only affect your trades it can also affect your life. We make sure to keep you up to date with the latest most relevant news.


100% Transparency

We never hide our losses. Our trade history includes every trade alert we send, win or loss.


Community of Traders

You will meet several like-minded individuals that have similar interests as you and love to interact with each other.


Direct Access To Our Traders

Our traders use numerous AI-powered stock analysis tools to give our customers the best entry and exit points.

When I joined I was skeptical of everything because I paid for similar groups and non-produced results like this one. The green room options course and the TPS strategy are truly amazing. Make 1.6k today day trading this setup and I have to say I am impressed. This strategy truly works.


I'm new here just over a week and let me just say, this community is the truth. This community focuses on not just alerts but they want you to learn also. After just a week I'm already up on my portfolio. Also, the education section is full of GOLD and furthermore, the members here are A++. I feel confident in 2021 and beyond. These guys know their stuff and I trust them.


Huge Thanks to the analysts at The Green Room. I took my first TPS setup and WOW I am a believer. Banked almost 250% on this trade. You got my loyalty forever.


Finally dipped my toe in and the first play made over 100%, prompting me to just go ahead and upgrade to VIP role. Really impressed with the level of chat on this server and the overall positive vibe towards us noobies


TGRalerts Stock Market

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